Launch Your Stickman and Get the Distance

Stickman Fling offers addictive physics gameplay with simple graphics. The game features many levels and varying platforms to challenge your skills as you fling your stickman across the screen.

Learn how velocity and speed are calculated using displacement and distance. You’ll also discover the difference between vector and scalar speed.

Stickman Falling

Stickman Falling is a fun casual game that lets players fling a villain down various platforms. The longer the villain falls, the more points are earned.

This Android game has 14 levels and three different characters to choose from, along with a variety of traps and vehicles that increase fall damage. Some of these include shark jaws, a hole, spinning road, hourglass, saw hole and two stairs.

The game features simple block-style graphics and harmonious natural colors that evoke relaxation. Its music also does a good job of inciting excitement in players. Moreover, the game offers a very intuitive gameplay that can be learned in a few seconds. To start a jump, simply touch the screen to begin walking back from the edge of the platform and then select the run-up distance to determine how far your character will launch. Finally, you need to touch again to deploy your parachute. Each jump sequence has four steps that can make or break your performance.

Stickman Boost

Stickman Boost is another fast-paced parkour game where you will need to run, jump and slide to complete all the challenging trials. There are all sorts of obstacles and traps in the way including spikes, spinning fans, bouncing shuriken guns and buzzsaw maces that can harm you if you touch them.

Although Stick Games are mere stick figure with lines and bars to represent his body, his simple design enables designers to create fun games for him. He lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady love and their children, but they are often invaded by humans and their dogs who cannot see that he is not just a lifeless twig.

Stick Run Mobile

Stick Run Mobile is a mobile version of the smash Facebook hit that has over 6 million monthly active users. Created by a 16-year-old student from Germany, the game requires quick reflexes as players attempt to survive as long as possible in a random, side-scrolling level filled with deadly obstacles. To move forward, players must tap the left and right sides of the screen to slide under or jump over lethal objects that range from single crates to stacks of them to panes of glass and rotating saw blades.

Playing the game is simple; however, it takes some practice to develop quick finger coordination. The game features a variety of achievements that can be unlocked as players master different stages. The game is a great way to pass time, and the physics gameplay will keep you hooked. However, the lack of a campaign mode may make this game a bit repetitive over time. You can also enjoy the game with your friends by competing on the global leaderboards.

Stickman Base Jumper

Stickman games have long been popular for their ability to capture the joy and fun of acrobatics, from high-wire trapeze acts to Olympic gymnasts jumping off springboards. But the physics behind these feats of balance in the air are complicated, and figuring out how to translate them into an enjoyable video game can be a challenge.

Enter Stickman Base Jumper, a 2D casual game that offers 14 levels of platform-jumping action. The simple graphics and controls (just touch the screen to move your character) make this a very approachable entry into the genre, even if it’s still incredibly challenging. For example, in one level, you must estimate your run-up and perfectly time your jump off a skyscraper to deploy your parachute at just the right moment. Do this successfully and you’ll make it to the next stage. Do it wrong, and you’ll crash bone-breakingly to the ground.

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